Halloween Trick or Treat: Our Treat is a Great Resume Trick!

Halloween is just around the corner. So we're in the mood of giving treats over tricks, but then again perhaps our treat today is a trick for you too!

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As someone who has worked for a corporate organization over the years, the proper cover letter, resume, and interviewing techniques are critical when applying for a job. Unfortunately, when one submits a resume, they are not automatically guaranteed an interview. Many of the websites these companies have, utilize recruiting software looking for a certain individual and the software goes out and scans the resume for certain keywords that pertain to a job for which the applicant is applying. If the applicant does not have the key words that are being scanned for, the resume is automatically sent to the holding position or even, in layman's words, the circular file. Thus, a message is sent out that they have chosen someone else or will keep your resume on file.

However, there are some cool ways that we can help the resume pass this filter. Today, I'd like to share a trick and a treat with you that I learned a while back, and I want to pay it forward. This unique tip may allow your resume to pass through the filter and land in the lap of a recruiter more frequently, but be advised, some software is more advanced than others, and you're still going to have the human element, such as a recruiter to review your resume before you ultimately get the interview. Make sure your resume looks amazing before you submit!

Here's our video on this great tip!

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