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Welcome to Revenue Growth Masters. We are a small business focused consulting group that specializes in revenue growth by personal development and pricing strategy.

My name is Bradley Trede and for over a decade I have spent my time helping small and large businesses grow their revenue by innovative strategies around pricing. I have helped small business develop revenue growth strategies on items ranging less than $10 an item to assisting large corporations in revenue strategies with transactions greater than $20 million.

There is far more than just setting a price. There is the psychology, the element, the interaction, and the relationship to name a few structures within the strategies we help define. The other aspect that is required is your personal growth. Are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone or are you going to do the BAU (business as usual).

People can claim that pricing is easy...it's just a price...it's just a number.

Our approach is different. At Revenue Growth Masters, we provide knowledge based training given the amount of experience that we have in this field. We also provide literature, a blog, and tools to help you maximize your potential.

We don't simply use a cookie cutter approach. Each person and business is unique. We drive success by an individualized approach, catered to the needs of the respective individual and/or business.

While this site is brand new, our experience is not. Would you rather deal with someone fresh out of college with no experience playing with your top line and bottom line margins; or would you rather take the advice and expertise from a player in the market for over a decade.

Our consulting philosophy is based on experiences, real-world experiences.

Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and contact us today so we can help you create a long term strategy to maximize your personal growth, along with your business's revenue trend.

Bradley Trede


Revenue Growth Masters

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