Time is Money - Affiliate Marketing & MLM Info Pamphlet

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Have you ever wanted to start your own business and was interested in affiliate marketing or a MLM, but afraid to make the investment of time and money to do so? Has your friend contacted you about joining her MLM multiple times and are afraid to take the risk?

What if I told you I spent over 400+ hours and $2,500+ over the past FIVE years to try over 50+ affiliate marketing opportunities and over 30+ MLMs? What if I was able to offer you my Top 10 of each and the pros and cons associated with it?

For the time spent, I could easily charge $100 for this, but why? You are the one looking for the opportunity. For just an Alexander Hamilton ($10 US Bill), I will provide you with this information.

If you don't think $10 is worth it, then you go spend all that time and money and continue to waste your #1 asset - Time!

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